Donor Management

All-in-one donor, member and event management system to help you track and increase engagement with your donors, board members and volunteers

Donor Database

Our one-stop database approach allows you to track donor information along with volunteer hours, event attendance and more. More data means you get a better understanding of who your donors really are

  • Configurable View
    Configure and customize the visible default columns to fit your unique needs to track donations given, dollars raised, in-kind gifts, volunteer hours and more
  • Consolidated Reporting
    Access a donor’s complete giving + engagement history and print a summary for gift officers, board meetings or annual reporting
  • Integrations
    Should you decide that you want to use GivePulse to augment an existing CRM or ERP system, we can help with out-of-the-box integrations with Salesforce, SugarCRM, Blackbaud and other products

Industry Lowest Fees (1.0%)

Use the industry's lowest transaction payment processing system (1% per donation) to allow you to do more

  • All Major Cards
    All major cards are accepted, even international, ACH and other banking methods. The credit card fees will always be less than 3%. Note: the effective rate normally comes out to be 1.5% since donors will absorb the cost.
  • 2 Days
    We wire your donation to your bank within 2 days of the first payment. All data and updates are tracked and viewable in the database for you to review and update
  • General Fundraising and Crowdfunding
    Set up unlimited general donation pages or crowdfunding pages so groups and individuals can set up goals to donate with the lowest transaction platform guaranteed

Membership Management

Leverage our membership payment system to streamline membership dues and allow your supporters to become sustaining donors

  • Membership
    Add groups with multiple membership payment levels. Set it and forget it or require membership renewal annually
  • Applications
    We provide the ability to create applications to join groups, which can be used for board member applications, affinity group interest forms and more
  • Recurring Donations
    Our recurring giving options allow your supporters to set gifts that renew weekly, monthly or annually, giving them more convenience while providing regular support to your organization

Configurable Data Tracking

Configure and collect custom donor and membership information to fit your unique needs

  • Checkout Questions
    Collect and store custom donor information at checkout like donor type, reason for donation or connection to your organization
  • Tagging
    Add tags and apply to your donors, volunteers or event attendees. Filter by tags to view and export information for individuals or groups
  • Custom Fields
    Add and save custom fields to use in surveys, applications, forms or at donor checkout. All responses to custom field questions are tracked over time and stored for each individual user

Volunteer Management

Organize, schedule and communicate with your volunteers in one system

  • Scheduling
    Organize schedules of individuals and have a platform for you to schedule attendees and volunteers or empower them to find and schedule a shift for themselves
  • Registration
    Set up custom fields or liability waivers, track and manage who attends and communicate reminders
  • Tracking
    Use our tracking system that allows you to sign people in and out, flag no shows and with our mobile app sign in and out who attends

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