MVRC Veterans Day Tribute

Thursday, November 8th, 2018


Every year the UNF Military and Veterans Resource Center holds an event to honor all of our nation's veterans. Please consider coming out and not only supporting our veterans but also supporting the Resource Center here on Campus! Please take a look at the opportunities available.
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ShiftStart TimeEnd TimeDescriptionPositions
Parking Attendent9:00am (ET)11:15am (ET)Control access to Lot 4, U-Shaped lot surrounding Veteran's Plaza.0/1Over
Garage Parking Attendent10:00am (ET)10:45am (ET) The student will be on the first floor of the parking garage, directing event attendees...0/1Over
Wellness Complex Crossing Attendants10:15am (ET)11:15am (ET) Prevent Students from crossing the street between the Wellness Complex and Veteran's Plaza. You will...0/2Over
Luncheon Check-In Table10:45am (ET)11:45am (ET) The assigned students will be assisting with checking guests in to the luncheon. Students will...0/2Over
SVA Table at Luncheon10:45am (ET)1:15pm (ET) Members will be sitting at the table during the luncheon to provide information about the...0/2Over