Division of Academic Affairs


As a comprehensive university, the University of North Florida provides academic programs vital to the growth and economic development of the region that we serve. As Jacksonville evolves to become more diverse and more complex, so too will the educational needs of its citizens. While it will always be the case that certain research-intensive programs should be housed within the State of Florida's major research universities, for the good of the State it will nevertheless be imperative for UNF as a regional comprehensive university to remain responsive to locally emergent educational needs in a manner consistent with the scope of its mission.

The purpose of major research universities resides, in part, in their capacity to generate new knowledge on the frontiers of discovery. The purpose of the University of North Florida resides, in equal part, in its capacity to generate intellectual, economic, and social capital for the betterment of the region it serves.

While being regional in its mission, UNF is informed, by virtue of the scholarly activity of its faculty, by the national and in many cases international perspectives which they bring to bear upon the subjects of their teaching and research. Advancing this strength, while at the same time remaining committed to providing our students, both undergraduate and graduate, with opportunities for transformational learning, will enable us to direct UNF toward a position of ever greater prominence.

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