College of Education and Human Services



The mission of the College of Education and Human Services is to:

  • Collaborate with local, regional, national, and international stakeholders to promote transformational learning experiences;
  • Establish and nurture partnerships with local institutions and agencies to address the needs of our community, which is inclusive of urban areas;
  • Develop and offer rigorous programs of study that promote high standards;
  • Use evidence-based practices to prepare effective practitioners who exhibit a professional disposition;
  • Contribute to the knowledge base in our disciplines through quality scholarship; and
  • Model and foster a commitment to professional growth, critical and creative thinking, and reflective practice.


The vision of the College of Education and Human Services is to be a premier college that: 

  • Is globally recognized for innovative programs and practices;
  • Impacts our fields through high-quality teaching, scholarship, and service; and
  • Prepares graduates who are transformative leaders in their professions.

The College of Education and Human Services values:
  • Integrity that informs ethical behavior and professional excellence;
  • Active engagement in efforts to promote equity and social justice;
  • Respect for others demonstrated by caring, compassion, and cultural sensitivity; and
  • Intellectual curiosity that leads to professional scholarship and innovation.
173 People | 3,145 Impacts | 13,763 Hours | 303,750 Total Economic Impact

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