Student Nurses Association (Nurses Net)


Our Pride // Let’s be honest—there aren’t too many things that UNF Ospreys love more than a good old fashioned, “Swoop!”  However, as student nurses, we truly love giving back to the nursing profession and healthcare arena by cultivating strong interpersonal and interprofessional relationships as well as through hosting volunteer opportunities that benefit the profession, community, and campus.

Our Development // The Student Nurses' Association (SNA) is a pre-professional student organization that seeks to mold nursing students into future leaders, researchers, scholars, and legislative representatives. Associated with both the National Student Nurses' Association and the Florida Nursing Student Association, members of UNF's SNA chapter enjoy exclusive access to research journals and an opportunity to have their first year of the prestigious American Nurses' Association paid for by the National Student Nurses' Association. The American Nurses' Association is responsible for influencing legislation that affects the profession of nursing.

Our Impact // As participants in our local SNA, we are able to sit as delegates at regional and national conventions where resolutions are passed and then proposed to our professional organizations to influence nursing curriculum and community engagements around the country.
4 People | 16 Impacts | 47 Hours | 1,026 Total Economic Impact