Coggin Mentor Program


Goals & Objectives of the Program 
  • Give Coggin College students real-world access to business practices through meaningful and personalized interactions with business professionals.
  • Equip students with tools and insight to make informed and ethical career decisions.
  • Confirm or challenge the student’s chosen degree and career path.
  • Groom students into confident graduates with leadership, teamwork, creative thinking, and interpersonal skills through coaching and feedback.
  • Foster learning through the experience and expertise of Mentor and his/her colleagues and industry peers.
How does the Mentor Program work?

The Career Management Center accepts applications from Mentors and Mentees each summer. The program begins at the start of the fall semester in August and concludes at the end of the spring semester in April; the participants commit to a relationship which lasts over this entire 8 month period. Based on the applications, backgrounds, and requests of the Mentors and Mentees, the Career Management Center will match the Mentees with their Mentors. A detailed schedule and events calendar will be provided to all participants.

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