Military & Veterans Resource Center


The Military and Veterans Resource Center (MVRC) provides assistance to military and veteran students in navigating admission, enrollment and financial aid processes. Led by the Director, the Military & Veterans Resource Center is the primary campus advocate for military and veteran students and works with them to ensure their unique needs are met by coordinating with offices of various university services. The Military & Veterans Resource Center provides assistance in coordinating with academic advising, tutoring, counseling, disability accommodations, veteran programming, benefits information, financial aid, medical assistance, and additionally facilitates referral to state and federal resources and services.


The MVRC is committed to ensuring that military and veteran students successfully make the transition from the military environment to campus life, and are assisted in their progress toward completing their academic degree. The Center also provides opportunities for peer to peer support, mentoring and social networking. We welcome volunteers from the veteran student community to work with their fellow veterans as mentors to assist them in achieving a successful academic experience.

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