Housing and Residence Life


Mission Statement

The Department of Housing and Residence Life at the University of North Florida supports the educational mission of the University through the creation of a positive living and learning community with the best facilities, services, programs and customer service for our students. Our responsive staff strives daily to enhance student academic and personal development by fostering a sense of respect for self, others and the community, placing an emphasis on diversity, encouraging personal and civic responsibility, while providing opportunities for leadership development.


The primary purpose of the residence halls is to support the educational mission of the University of North Florida. The Department of Housing and Residence Life actively strives to help each resident grow and develop personally, allowing each resident the opportunity to experience a variety of ideas, personal lifestyles, and diversity of human experience. Keep in mind that on-campus residences no longer mean "dormitories" they are living-learning centers for today's students. Your residence hall will be your home, a place to relax and enjoy yourself. It is important, however, that an atmosphere for studying be maintained. You will find living on campus, unlike any experience you have had because you must be cognizant of what you are doing and how it may affect others who are living around you. Your acceptance and respect for the diversity found in your peers and your regard for standards of good citizenship will assure that this positive community is achieved.

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