Living-Learning Communities


 A Transformational Education: Living-Learning Communities (LLCs) are intentionally designed opportunities to enhance your education by expanding the "classroom" to include your residence hall and the greater Jacksonville community.

Why Live in a Living-Learning Community (LLC)?

Students who join a living-learning community:

  • Have an easier transition into college
  • Maintain higher GPAs 
  • Make friends quicker with people who share common interests and goals
  • Develop a support network with other students, university staff, and professors
  • Interact with professors and staff outside the classroom
  • Increase critical thinking, self-awareness, and interpersonal communication skills
  • Meaningfully connect with Jacksonville through community-based projects
  • Are exposed to additional leadership opportunities within the residence halls

Living-Learning Community (LLC) allows students with similar academic interests to take classes together and live on the same floor in the residence hall while creating meaningful relationships with faculty, staff, and other LLC students.


Theme Housing promotes a direct link between residential and extracurricular life for students. It provides students who have common extracurricular interest the opportunity to live together in campus housing while fulfilling a common goal.

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