Gender Inclusive Housing Experience


Housing and Residence Life is committed to providing a safe, inclusive and supportive experience for all students. We offer a variety of gender-inclusive housing options to ensure that Housing and Residence Life is a supportive space for residents of all gender identities and gender expressions. We also house the Gender Inclusive Housing Experience (GIHE), a cluster of rooms in Osprey Fountains that focuses on community, support, advocacy, and learning. When sharing a residence, students who identify as transgender and gender non-conforming can specify the preferred gender of their roommate.

The mission of the University of North Florida is committed to providing an accepting and welcoming environment. Gender Inclusive Housing Experience (GIHE) will maintain an unreserved commitment to student success within a diverse, supportive campus culture. Residents within GIHE will celebrate and affirm the cultural experiences of gender expansiveness while welcoming the diverse and complex identities of every resident. GIHE works closely with the LGBT Resource Center and the UNF student groups to create a community of respect and a sense of family for all residents.

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