Taylor Leadership Institute


Formerly known as the Institute for Values, Community & Leadership, the Taylor Leadership Institute is an initiative within the Office of the Vice President for Student Affairs, emphasizing the encouragement, promotion and rewarding of personal, civic and community engagement with a concentration on values and leadership constructs. The Leadership Minor offers an in-depth study of leadership from a theoretical perspective balanced with practical application. The credential was approved by the Academic Program Committee, and voted upon by the full Faculty Association.* 

The Institute facilitates the education and development of students on how to become effective, ethical and value-based leaders with a commitment to excellence, accountability, and responsibility to the real world of the workplace and civic/community engagement. Several programs are now operational that demonstrate this:

  • The Minor in Leadership
  • Experiential Learning Transcript (ELT)
  • Annual Student Leadership Summit
  • Leadership Speakers Bureau
  • Annual Taylor Talks
  • Intergroup Dialogue Program
  • Leadership Scholarship Program

Mission Statement

To develop and promote global ethical leadership and character among our students and the UNF community through education, service, civic engagement and research.

2 People | 1 Impact | 1 Hours | 23 Total Economic Impact