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Animal Welfare (SLS 1930 - 83518)


Do you love dogs—and other animals, too? Animal ownership is a huge responsibility that comes with trials and tribulations that some people are ill-equipped to manage. If a person doesn’t have the time, patience and knowledge to deal with these things, the pets grow up with behavior problems and often end up on the street or overcrowding shelters. Students who enroll in this class will spend time with abandoned dogs and cats through service hours in local shelters. Weekly discussions will reveal the complexities of creating a world that treats our pets, working animals and food stock humanely. This Community-Based Transformational Learning course is intentionally designed as an introductory community engagement experience. 

This class meets on Wednesdays from 10:00AM - 10:50 AM.
20 People | 145 Impacts | 8,498 Economic Impact | 374 Hours