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T 1800-2045

This field-based course will provide deaf education students an opportunity to observe and instruct students who are deaf or hard of hearing in a variety of settings. Deaf education students will interact with students and observe both their culture and use of language. This course will consist of p...

This supervised field experience provides teacher candidates with the opportunity to design and implement instruction in elementary classrooms under the direction of a mentor teacher and university supervisor. Individual coaching and seminars focus on standards-aligned instructional practices that s...
Teaching, Learning, and CurriculumCollege of Education and Human Services00.000

Supervised, structured field experiences in selected schools designed to assist in the acquisition of the accomplished practices required by Florida State Board of Education Rules. Weekly seminars are held to augment and reinforce the field experiences.Prerequisite or Corequisite: EDG 3323.
Teaching, Learning, and CurriculumCollege of Education and Human Services00.000

This course is designed to acquaint students with a balanced knowledge of the general music curriculum. Emphasis is placed on understanding and planning a developmental sequence of musical experiences to assure the sound musical growth of students in grades K-5. Students' schedules must accommodate ...
MusicCollege of Arts and Sciences00.000

This course focuses on teaching, organizing, developing, and maintaining quality elementary music programs. Topics include teaching children to sing, play classroom instruments, move to music, actively listen to music, and create their own music through a balanced approach to the inclusion of Florid...
MusicCollege of Arts and Sciences00.000