International Center

Claire Le Quilliec
Abdoul-Salam Boundaogo
Gage Ziehmn Ardag
Paula Reyes Rodriguez
Valentina Bongiovanni

This was an absolutely wonderful experience. From the shelter to the people organizing and the people participating. A chance to bond with others through a fulfilling activity and a chance to join and rejoice in the selfless efforts being made by the community.
An uplifting experience, that I would repeat any day!

Gave 7.00 hours on 03/02/2019 with Division of Academic Affairs, International Center, Student Affairs, University of North Florida
Valeria Rodriguez Cifuentes
Brooke Shelton
Amelie Morel
Colomba Pueyo
Colomba Pueyo
Thanh Lu
Abdoul-Salam Boundaogo
Seakly But